Directors train to speak like the geeks

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If you don’t know HTML from CSS, digital opportunities may be missed Hannah Prevett Sunday Times 2 June 2013 Code breaker: every business has been affected by technology, says Kathryn Parsons When …

Steve Kaye CDir FIoD‘s insight:

Perhaps its takes a newer generation to see through the fog of the seas. Learning about CSS might be a step too far but I do think it’s time that professional director support organisations such as the IoD started to view technology as a core board topic alongside strategy, governance and finance and not delegate to an off board IT director. It wouldn’t be difficult to design a technology module for the IoD diploma 🙂

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One thought on “Directors train to speak like the geeks”

  1. I think it would for the IOD, they are just not geared up for the pace of change.

    It is one of the reasons why I have continued to the reject IOD as a path for developing my Director skills, they are too too slow!

    But in principle I agree with you this does need to be addressed at board level.

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